Issue 13
Volume 4 Number 1
March 1999

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 •  Cover Illustration
 •  Editorial
 •  The Addams Family
 •  What Millennium?
 •  Womble to Your Partners
 •  No! Not the Furby!
 •  Pagan Trout
 •  Literary Corner
 •  Lokta Plokta
 •  Olde Plokta's Almanac

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Cover Illustration
A colour reproduction of the cover of the original paper fanzine.

The editors explain why this issue is late.

The Addams Family
A few candid snaps from the Plokta digital archives.

What Millennium?
Vicki Rosenzweig
We found Vicki sitting around ElderMOO and said "write us an article?" Two hours later we found this in our mailbox.

Womble to Your Partners
Alison Scott
Alison enthuses about the children's TV show of the century. And it's ecologically sound!

No! Not the Furby!
At the request of SMS, Plokta explores the darkest secrets of this terrible threat to American hegemony over the rest of the world.

Pagan Trout
Sue Mason
Sue explains why you shouldn't boogie in your socks and how to sneak into church.

Literary Corner
Alison Scott
More grist for Lilian Edwards's mill.

Lokta Plokta
We hear from the usual correspondents.

Olde Plokta's Almanac
Steve Davies
Being a nice and accurate account of the dayes to come in the proleptick year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Nine.

Plokta comes to you from Steve Davies and Alison Scott . It is available for letter of comment (one copy is fine, we pass them over to each other), trade (2 copies if possible, please), contribution, antacids or Resolve.

Artwork by Sue Mason (Fanbies, Ploktaroth, Sue in church, Worldcon committee, South Park), Brad Foster (Prosperous, not fat), Teddy Harvia (Cartoon). Photos by Steve Davies, Alison Scott. Digital Manipulation by Alison Scott.

This fanzine isn't supporting anyone for TAFF at the moment, and still isn't sure whether Tobes should win the Doc Weir award. However, we certainly support Steve Davies for GUFF. Please vote using the ballot included with this fanzine.

"It's that difficult 13th issue"


Just after we went to press with Plokta 12½ we were sad to hear that Ian Gunn had lost his long battle with cancer. Gunny had been a regular contributor to Plokta. Meanwhile, British fandom is coping with the loss of Vin¢ Clarke late last year after a lengthy illness. Vin¢ was the holder of the British Fanzine Archive, and it seems terribly strange not to be sending him our fanzine. And a few weeks ago, Buck Coulson died suddenly. Buck locced nearly every Plokta -- you will find his last loc to us later in this issue.

We do hope this isn't going to be a regular column.

Ian Gunn & Karen Pender-Gunn
Ian Gunn & Karen Pender-Gunn. Thanks to Karen for this wedding photo.

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