Plokta.com is the website of the Plokta Cabal, a fanzine-producing collective whose sinister tentacles infiltrate every area of SF fandom. For more information on the Cabal, see the Plokta article explaining it all, although it's now a little outdated.

Not content with a Hugo-nominated fanzine, the Cabal have various other fannish and webbish projects, which are listed in the column to the right.

See http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon/html/entry/plokta.html for a definition of the word 'Plokta'.

Our projects include:
Plokta, the Hugo-nominated SF fanzine. Occasionally even mentions SF, although we try to avoid it. (This page contains images of all back-issues. Follow this link to get the old text-friendly index page.)
PNN, the Plokta News Network. Frequently updated news and views for SF fandom. We also have an RSS feed available.

PNN has also spawned a paper version called PNNewt which is distributed at fannish meetings in the UK. PDFs of the Newt are available at this address.
<plokta.con Release 4.0>, an SF convention to be held in Sunningdale, Berkshire, England from 23-25 May 2009.
Mike Scott's homepage, containing links back to all of the same stuff, plus his fanzine Zorn and some Ploktaish con reports.
Alison Scott & Steven Cain's homepage, with more baby photos than the human mind can comfortably encompass. Also fanzine reviews.
Steve Davies' homepage, with links to various articles, convention photos and assorted computer geekery.
Koka2, the newsletter for the 2000 Eastercon, 2kon.